TVE Intermediate Level, TVE Intermediate Level, Cameroon GCE Board
TVE Intermediate Level - Technical and Vocational Education Examination

Structure of the Technical and Vocational Education Examinations


Professional Subjects
Professional Subject 13
Professional Subject 23
Professional Subject 33

Related Professional Subjects
Related Professional Subjects 12 (3 papers if need be)
Related Professional Subject 22 (3 papers if need be)
Related Professional Subject 3 (Mathematics Paper 2 for Industrial Candidates)2

Other Subjects
Mathematics (Compulsory)

· Paper 1 will be same for all candidate as in GCE

· Paper 2 will have separate sections for industrial and commercial candidate which will be different to that of GCE.
English (Compulsory)2
French (Compulsory)3
Computer Science3
Information and Communication Technology

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Professional and Related Professional subjects

  • The Professional and Related Professional Subjects are all compulsory likewise English and French.
  • Candidates can select any other two (2) or three (3) subjects in the module of Other Subjects to make a maximum entry of eleven (11) subjects if they wish.
  • Religious Studies can be selected as a subject in the module of Other Subjects but will not necessarily be the eleventh subject.
  • Mathematics shall be considered a Related Professional Subject for Industrial Candidates. Mathematics Paper 2 shall have two (2) separate sections: one for the industrial and the other commercial specialties. 

Structure of TVE Intermediate Level Subjects.

  • Each Subject shall have at least two (2) papers and at most three (3) papers:
    • Paper 1 – MCQ (1 ½ hrs)
    • Paper 2 – Problem-Solving or Essay (at most 3 hrs)
    • Paper 3 – Practical (at most 3 hrs)

    NB: Internship is part of Paper 3 of one of the Professional Subjects as Specified by the Panel.

TVE Intermediate Level Pass/Fail Conditions

  • To obtain a pass in the Technical and Vocational Education Examinations at the Intermediate Level, a candidate must pass in at least FIVE (5) Subjects with at least TWO (2) Professional Subjects and ONE (1) Related Professional Subjects.
  • A candidate may pass in a single subject(s) if he/she does not meet the pass condition in his/her Specialty.
  • Absence in any Paper of Professional Subjects makes the candidate not to have a pass in the specialty. Such candidates can still obtain a pass in a single subject(s). 

Registration for Technical and Vocational Education Examinations.

  • Registration fees shall take the form that obtains in the GCE Ordinary and Advanced level respectively as outline below.

Intermediate Level
Registration Fee8,000 FCFA
Subject Fee1,000 FCFA
Subject Practical Fee5,000 FCFA

Advanced Level
Registration Fee9,000 FCFA
Subject Fee2,000 FCFA
Subject Practical Fee5,000 FCFA
NB: Practical fee is paid per Practical Subject.

TVE Intermediate Level Entry Requirements.

Candidates who want to register for the Technical and Vocational Education Examinations at the Intermediate Level must show proof of Promotion to Form Five from a Class Council decision

TVEE IL Industrial Specialties / Subjects.

5300Fundamental Refrigeration and Air ConditioningProfessional SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5305Electricity of RefrigerationProfessional SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5310Refrigeration RepairsProfessional SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5315Engineering DrawingRelated SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
545FrenchPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsAir Conditioning and VentilationVAC (F5)
5150Vehicle TechnologyProfessional SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5160Mechanical Construction and DevelopmentProfessional SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5165Material and Paint TechnologyProfessional SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
545FrenchPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsAutomobile Bodywork PaintingABP (MA)
5130Material Technology and Workshop ProcessesProfessional SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5135Electrical and Electronic TechnologyProfessional SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5140Mechanical TechnologyProfessional SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5145Mechanical DrawingRelated SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
545FrenchPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsAutomobile Repair MechanicsARM (MA)
5180Textile Technology and EquipmentProfessional SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5185Fashion and Fabric DesignProfessional SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5190Pattern Making and Garment ConstructionProfessional SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
545FrenchPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsBespoke TailoringBEST (IH)
5490Carpentry /Joinery DrawingProfessional SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5495CarpentryProfessional SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5500JoineryProfessional SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
545FrenchPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsCarpentry and JoineryCJ (MEB)
5200Construction Processes and Building PracticeProfessional SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5225Building Construction DrawingProfessional SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5230Surveying, Soil Mechanics and MaterialsProfessional SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
545FrenchPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsCivil Engineering - Building ConstructionCE-BC (F4BA)
5235Electrical MachinesProfessional SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5240Electrical and Electronic CircuitProfessional SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5245Electrical Technology and DiagramProfessional SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5315Engineering DrawingRelated SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
545FrenchPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsElectrical Power SystemEPS (F3)
5255Electronic CircuitsProfessional SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5260Electronic SystemsProfessional SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5265Photovoltaic SystemsProfessional SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5315Engineering DrawingRelated SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
545FrenchPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsElectronicsELN (F2)
5145Mechanical DrawingProfessional SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5380Manufacturing ProcessesProfessional SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5385Material Science and ProcessesProfessional SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
545FrenchPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsManufacturing MechanicsMAME (F1)
5455Plumbing Network DrawingProfessional SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5460Plumbing TechnologyProfessional SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5465Plumbing MaintenanceProfessional SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
596Information and Communication TechnologyRelated SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
545FrenchPool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsPlumbing and Installation SystemsPIS (ISRH)
5395Workshop Processes and MaterialProfessional SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5410Metal Construction DrawingProfessional SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5415Welding Fabrication WorkProfessional SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
570MathematicsRelated SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5155Engineering ScienceRelated SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
545FrenchPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsWelding FabricationWF (MF)

TVEE IL Commercial Specialties / Subjects.

5005Ohada Financial AccountingProfessional SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5010Ohada Financial ReportingProfessional SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5015International Financial Accounting/Computer Aided AccountingProfessional SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
520CommerceRelated SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
525EconomicsRelated SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5020Business MathematicsRelated SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
545FrenchPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
570MathematicsPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsAccountingACC (CG)
5035Food Nutrition and HealthProfessional SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5040Resource Management on Home StudiesProfessional SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5045Family Life Education and GerontologyProfessional SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5020Business MathematicsRelated SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5050Natural ScienceRelated SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
520CommercePool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
525EconomicsPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
545FrenchPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
570MathematicsPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsHome EconomicsHEC (ESF)
5060Product MasteryProfessional SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5065Sales Methods and CommunicationProfessional SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5070Digital Marketing PracticeProfessional SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
520CommerceRelated SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5020Business MathematicsRelated SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5055EntrepreneurshipRelated SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
525EconomicsPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
545FrenchPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
570MathematicsPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5090Office PracticePool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsMarketingMKT (ACC)
5090Office PracticeProfessional SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5095Professional Communication TechniquesProfessional SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5100Information ProcessingProfessional SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
520CommerceRelated SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5005Ohada Financial AccountingRelated SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5020Business MathematicsRelated SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
525EconomicsPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
530English LanguagePool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
545FrenchPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
562Citizenship EducationPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
570MathematicsPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
585Religious StudiesPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
595Computer SciencePool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
596Information and Communication TechnologyPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5051Economic GeographyPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5055EntrepreneurshipPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5120Law and GovernmentPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)
5420Quality Hygiene, Safety and EnvironmentPool SubjectsSecretarial Administration and CommunicationSAC (ACA)