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  • Fighting Examination Malpractice

    Another important challenge facing the Board is the fight against examination malpractice. It is a cardinal principle in the science of educational assessment that any act of examination malpractice that successfully goes unchecked, diminishes the credibility of the results and the resultant certificates. That principle challenges the Board to step up its fight against examination malpractice.   

  • Visually impaired candidates

    The number of visually impaired candidates registering for the GCE examinations is on the increase. This generates a special challenge for the Board because organizing examinations for visually impaired candidates requires not only special conditions but also special equipment, materials, and personnel.

    The challenge is particularly heightened as the Board, lacks the appropriate personnel, equipment, and materials and so has to manage to organize the examinations for these categories of candidates under very difficult conditions.

  • Sale of past question papers and examination syllabuses

    Syllabuses play a key role in the assessment of GCE examinations. Syllabuses are often provided in paper form or online. They give an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an examination or a training course.

    When the outline covers an examination, it is referred to as an Examination syllabus and when it covers a Training course, it is called a Teaching syllabus. A syllabus usually contains specific information about the course. It also provides an outline of what will be covered in the course.

    Past examination question papers are available at the Service for library and Documentation of the GCE Board and the Bamenda Regional Office at moderate prices. The actual cost of each question paper depends on its volume.

    Regulations and syllabuses for General Education subjects application as of June 2009 are available at the cost of 5.000FCFA. Single-subject syllabuses are available for GCE Technical Education subjects and the cost depends on the volume of the particular subject syllabus.