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Learn More About Cameroon GCE Board

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board known as Cameroon GCE Board is the official body responsible for setting public examinations, marking them, and distributing results for the anglophone subsection of education in Cameroon secondary schools at two stages:

  • Ordinary (O) Level and Advanced (A) Level as well as the award of the following certificates:
    • Intermediate Technical Certificate (ITC)
    • Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC)
    • Advanced Professional Certificate (APC). [1]
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The General Certificate of Education is a pure UK system of education adopted by Anglo-Saxon Cameroon.

In Cameroon, the GCE Ordinary Level examination is a 3-year course program starting from Form 3 to Form 5 (Years 9 to 11). It is usually written in Form 5 (Year 11) in Secondary schools, meanwhile, the GCE Advanced Level examinations are written in Upper 6 (Year 13) in High school.


It was created by Presidential Decree No 93/172 of 1st July 1993, organized its first examinations in June 1994 at the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels in General Education Subjects.

By a Presidential Decree of March 1997, the GCE Board was authorized to organize the Baccalauréat Technique and related examinations in English for English speaking candidates.

Although the names of these examinations were in French, questions were in English and candidates answered them in English, which was their language of instruction.


The new GCE Board chairman, Prof Ivo Leke Tambo[2] is the former Secretary-General at the Ministry of Basic Education.

He had earlier served at the Ministry of Secondary Education in the same capacity.


The current Registrar is Dang Akuh Dominic,[3] who took up the position on 31 January 2018 from Monono Ekema Humprey.


It is supervised by Cameroon Ministry of Secondary Education in Yaoundé,[4]


In 2018, Statistics from the GCE Board showed that there was a 67.4% passed at the Advanced Level as against 35% in 2017. At the Ordinary Level,  50% passed compared to 25.29% in 2017.

In 2019, Statistics from the GCE Board show 110,916 candidates registered for the 2019 session and 98,015 candidates sat for the exams. 66,846 students passed recording a percentage pass rate of 74.24 as compared to 62.27% in 2018.[5]

In 2020, Statistics from the GCE Board show that at the Ordinary levels, results have witnessed improvement from 62.15 to 64.04% while at the advance level, the result however dropped from 74.24 % in 2019 to 64. 4% in 2020.


The Main Office of the Cameroon GCE Board is located at Lycee Molyko street Adjacent Lycee Molyko, 10 meters walk from CUIB, Buea, Southwest Region (Cameroon).

The Regional Office of the Cameroon GCE Board is located in Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon.


The Cameroon GCE board was officially created in 1993, according to a book titled “The Cameroon GCE Crisis: A Test of Anglophone Solidarity.” The book says the creation of the board was spearheaded by Anglophone community groups, such as the Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (TAC), lead by Mr. Peter Chateh; churches; Confederation of Anglophone Parents’ Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (CAPTAC), with other trade union groups also playing a pivot role in the creation of the board.

It took 10 years, from 1983 to October 1993 for a consensus to be reached by the aforementioned groups and the Government of Cameroon to create an examination board to award certificates to Anglophone Cameroonian students.[6][7]

Before the Cameroon GCE Board, came into existence on 1st July 1993, certificates were awarded to Anglophone Cameroonian student by the General Certificate of Education in the UK as it was a Trust Territory under British administration (known as British Cameroons) from 1922 to 1961.

Most Secondary schools in Cameroon which do the English form of education and write both the GCE A-Level and O-Level examinations were boarding schools but since then many day schools were opened which offered a complete GCE course and anyone wishing to have an English education is no more obliged to go for boarding schools.

The GCE saw changes in syllabus content at the ordinary and advanced levels in some science subjects to adapt to the world’s advancing school program.

During Easter break around March, students in these boarding schools stay for GCE courses for a week and a few days in school for extra classes to cover up their syllabus. At the end of the school year, all students in other classes except the GCE candidates leave and they stay for their Revisions and preparation for the upcoming exams in Late-May.

Once the candidates finish writing in early June, they all return to their various homes, waiting to hear their results. The same thing applies to GCE candidates in day schools. The results for the GCE O-Level and A-level exams in Cameroon are announced around mid-July.

Reorganization of the Cameroon GCE Board

Decree 2019/100 of 04 March 2019 to modify and complete certain provisions of Decree 2018/614 of 22 October 2018 to reorganize the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board. [1]

  • Mindful of the Constitution;
  • Mindful of Law No. 98/004 of 14 April 1998 to lay down guidelines for education in Cameroon;
  • Mindful of Law No. 2017/10 of 12 July 2017 to lay down the General Rules and Regulations Governing Public Establishments;
  • Mindful of Decree No. 76/555/PR of 24 November 1976 bearing on the institution of «General Certificate of Education” Examinations in Cameroon;
  • Mindful of decree No. 93/172 of 1 July 1993, Creating the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board, as amended and supplemented by Decree No. 97/045 of 5 March 1997;
  • Mindful of decree No. 95/035 of 24 February 1995 to organize Secondary Education “Baccalauréat” examinations, as amended and supplemented by Decree No. 97/046 of 5 March 1997;
  • Mindful of Decree No. 2018/614 of 22 October 2018 to reorganize the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board.

They have now been replaced by the following examinations:

  • Intermediate Technical and Vocational Education (ITC).
  • Advanced Technical and Vocational Education (ATC).
  • Professional Certification Examination (APC).

The GCE ITC and ATC are written for the first time and has come to replace the CAP/OL Technical and BACC/AL Technical respectively.

Grading system

Letter grades are used and below is the grading system used by the Cameroon GCE board for the examinations it administers:

  • GCE O Level Grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, U

Letter grades A, B, and C represent a passing grade, with the A grade being the highest and the C grade being the lowest, and U (unclassified) representing a fail. Grades lower than C are not stated on the certificate.

  • GCE A Level Grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, O or F

Letter grades A, B, C, D, and E represent a passing grade, with the A grade being the highest and the E grade being the lowest. An F (fail) is not a passing grade and is not stated on the certificate.[8]

Maximum and minimum number of papers allowed

  • Ordinary Level General: Students are allowed to write a maximum of 11 papers and a minimum of 6 papers with English Language, Mathematics, and French being compulsory.
  • Advanced Level General: Candidates are allowed to write a maximum of 5 papers and a minimum of 2 papers.
  • Intermediate Technical Certificates: Candidates are allowed to write a maximum of 11 papers and a minimum of 9 papers
  • Advanced Technical Certificate: Candidates are allowed to write a maximum of 8 papers and a minimum of 6 papers.

Number of papers considered as a Pass

The number of papers considered to be a pass at the Cameroon GCE Results 2020 varies concerning the type of institution (General or Technical) and the Level of studies. Note that the GCE ITC and ATC have come to replace the then GCE O/L Technical and GCE A/L Technical.

  • O/L General: Passed at this level which after five years of studies is 4 papers minimum.
  • A/L General: Passed at this level is a minimum of 2 papers
  • ITC (Replaces O/L Technical): Passed at this level is a minimum of 5 papers.
  • ATC (Replaces A/L Technical): Passed at this level is a minimum of 4 papers.


The following and any additional instructions were given to you by your Chief of Centre must be strictly respected. The Board will NOT accept entries that fail to comply with these instructions.

Required Documents

  • Clean and clear photocopy of birth certificate
  • Clean and clear photocopy of National Identity Card for External Candidates
  • Clean and clear photocopy of Ordinary Level Results Slip or any relevant certificate for those registering for Advanced Level, and those going in for partial registration.

Examination Fees

Three types of examination fees are payable, namely:

  1. Registration Fee
  2. Subject Fee
  3. Practical Fee.

All fees must be paid ONLY through MTN Cameroon Mobile Money. The 1000 FCFA for franking of Form B3/G3/T3 (Ministerial letter No 00006316/MINFI/SG/DGI of September, 2018) shall bepaid ONLY to the Chief of Centre.


The decision No 787/19 of MINESEC/SEESEN/ SG/DECC/SDOEC of 28 October 2019 signed by the Minister of Secondary Education,[9] Nalova Lyonga, sets the timetables for official or end-of-course examinations, when they will be written, marked and deliberated upon as well as deadlines for the publication of results.

GCE certificates

A GCE Certificate happens to one of the most crucial documents required by candidates seeking admission into higher institutions or while applying for jobs. If you have been asking yourself how you can Recover lost Cameroon GCE Certificates[10] that were either misplaced or got burnt then keep reading till the end to know what is needed to make this happen.

Result Slip

You will receive your result slip together with your examination certificate from your school when the examination results are released.

Official Website

The official website of the Cameroon GCE Board updates the general public with the latest news, press release, information that the general public may find useful.

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Download official GCE results

You can easily get your GCE results using any of the below channels. Through time, the results are been updated:

What to do before GCE result is published

It becomes really nervous when you feel that the release of the GCE Exam is taking longer than expected to be released. Everyone who passed through the GCE Hell can testify.

Below are some recommended tips to keep you motivated while the GCE results are yet to be published:

  • Regularly check our site for updates
  • Join fun groups on social media
  • Read some motivational books
  • Chat with friends

The feeling if you should fail or pass your exam

It has never been my dream to fail in any exam no matter how difficult it may appear to be. While that be the case, some may not be so opportune to make it through this exam.

Is that the end of the road? Of course not, you shouldn’t give up so easily for you can still take up the challenge when next the exam is been written.


At this point, we are taking our caps off and expressing our most honored respect for you all who took the time to read through this article.

If there was something that you didn’t understand above, then kindly use the comment box and we will take the time to respond to you if time allows us.

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