Cameroon GCE Board Introduces Multiple Choice Questions For The 2009 GCE Exam

Cameroon GCE Board Introduces Multiple Choice Questions For The 2009 GCE Exam

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Cameroon GCE Board Introduces Multiple Choice Questions For The 2009 GCE Exam

The Cameroon GCE Board Strengthens Security Measures & Introduces Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Format for the 2009 GCE Exam Session. Multiple choice or objective response is a form of an objective assessment in which respondents are asked to select only correct answers from the choices offered as a list.


Authorities of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) examination board have adopted strategies to ensure maximum security during the exams come Monday, 1 June 2009.

Speaking at a press conference the registrar of the GCE Board, Humphrey Monono, disclosed that these decisions would be effective at the level of the board administration and at various accommodation centers to avoid any shortcomings that could jeopardize the status of the exams.

From the Registrar

Mr. Monono explained that a team of inspectors from the GCE board would be charged to inspect the accommodation and registration centers, especially the newly created ones. According to him, this is to ensure that authorities and candidates at various accommodation and writing centers respect all examination rules that have been put in place.

He added that revision classes that are habitually organized a few days before the exams and during the examination session have been called off. The GCE board boss maintained that such classes derail students with a lot of speculations on the possible examination questions that would feature in the exams.

He, however, warned that students and school authorities should avoid going against this rule since severe sanctions from the Ministry of Secondary Education awaits perpetrators of this act. Mr. Monono also advised students to shun all forms of examination malpractices that could call for sanctions against them.

The press conference

During the press conference, he disclosed a set of innovations that have been introduced at both levels of the exams. Amongst this innovation is the introduction of the Multiple Choice Question (M.C.Q) format that has been extended to all paper one subjects at both Advance and Ordinary levels of the G.C.E. According to Mr. Monono, this is going to relieve teachers of the stress of marking scripts.

Final Words

 He added that with the innovations, candidates would only be tested on questions that revolve around the core of the subject. The examination board boss argued that this system would help candidates overcome academic weaknesses as well as boost candidates’ intellectual output.

He explained the need to implement this system of education, maintaining that it is capable of responding to the demands of a global world. This press conference was held at the conference room of CRTV Buea on 13 May 2009.

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