Procedure to Recover lost Cameroon GCE Certificates

Procedure to Recover lost Cameroon GCE Certificates

How to Recover lost GCE Certificates
Lost Documents

Procedure to Recover lost Cameroon GCE Certificates

If you have been asking yourself How to Recover or obtain a duplicate of lost Cameroon GCE Certificates that were either misplaced or got burnt then keep reading till the end to know what is needed to make this happen.

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What are Cameroon GCE Certificates?

Cameroon GCE Certificates are the most crucial documents required by candidates seeking admission into higher institutions or while applying for jobs.


  • The Board issues duplicate certificates where there is evidence of loss or damage of a certificate that was issued by the Board.
  • Confirmation and authenticity of candidate results are issued to institutions for various purposes. The Board also issues attestations of English Language Proficiency to candidates.
  • The fees charged for these services can be consulted at the service of the library and documentation.

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Procedure to Recover lost Cameroon GCE Certificates 2

Procedure to Recover lost GCE Certificates

The original certificates of the GCE Advanced and Ordinary levels are issued to candidates within the six months after the proclamation of results.

1. Eligibility

Firstly to be eligible for recovery, Only those who have sat at least once for the Cameroon GCE exams can be eligible to request another copy of the lost certificate if not any request will be rejected.

Candidates who lost or Misplaced their Original GCE Certificate must note that the issuing of certificates by the GCE Board takes not more than a year.

If due to unforeseen circumstances your GCE certificate doesn’t arrive on time, you may visit the Cameroon GCE Board’s offices for further inquiries.

2. Required Documents

Next, the following documents are necessary to constitute your file, when asking for a duplicate of lost Cameroon GCE Certificates.

  • An attestation of loss signed by the police or any competent authority for overseas candidates.
  • Handwritten application with 1000 Francs CFA fiscal stamp.

  • A copy of the National Identity card for Cameroonians or residence permits for foreigners. Candidates living abroad who do not have their national identity card at hand should attach a copy of their International Passport page bearing their name, picture, and other details.
  • A Photocopy of Results slips or Certificate if available.
  • A Photocopy of Birth Certificate

3. Fees required

A fee of 50,000 Francs CFA is required to be deposited to the General Certificate of Education Board before your lost certificate. This is a non-refundable amount and it’s official. 

Nevertheless, don’t fall for cheap scams when people promise to help you out.

4. Availability of Results

A result broadcast code-named Form G4/T4 will be sent to each Registration Centre showing the name of the candidate and the grade attained in each of the subjects offered.

Statements of results (Results Slip) listing the grades obtained in the subjects entered by each candidate will also be sent to the center for distribution to individual candidates.

The results will be communicated through the Cheif of Centre and not directly to the candidates concerned. Complaints regarding candidates’ results should be sent to the Chief of Centre who shall have the responsibility to forward such inquiries to the Board.

The Board may communicate a candidate’s results to universities and other authorities that request for them, without prior authorization from the candidate.

5. Statement of performance

A statement of performance shall be sent to any bonafide educational institution or prospective employer, on request by a candidate.

Such statements will not be sent to candidates, their parents, or anyone claiming to act on their behalf. A fee will be payable for such extra services.

Applications to the Board for a review of a candidate’s work should be made only where the examination performance shows a marked difference from the anticipated performance based on the teacher’s course work assessment.

Details of the procedure for dealing with such inquiries and the scale of fees may be obtained from the Board.

6. Award of Certificates

A candidate who writes both GCE Ordinary Level and Advanced Level, and who merits a certificate at each level, shall receive a separate certificate at each level.

7. Issue of Certificates

8. Duplicate Certificates / Results Slip

Applications for duplicate certificates/results slips shall be addressed to the Registrar. Such an application shall be accompanied by the following;

If your issue falls within this perimeter, then kindly download the application form below and fill it.

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    Dear Sir,
    We are a background screening company based in Nigeria and we would like to verify the GCE certificate of staff on behalf of our client. We would appreciate if you can assist us with the procedure(s) in doing that.
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    1. Ningmua Bruno

      Hello Sir/Ma, We have received your message. Thanks for taking the time to write to us as with respect to what your company does (Education Verification).

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    Theodore Sama

    Please sir i wish to know how can one request for a document for proof of english proficiency from CGCE board

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      You are advised to go to the main office in Buea for further instructions

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    Eric Siben

    I have gone through the content and it is informative. But my own case is different. I wrote the O and A level GCE examinations in 1991 and 1992 respectively but have not yet collected the original certificates. How can i collect them now that i am presently in Nigeria?

    1. Ningmua Bruno

      Hello, how can we get in touch with you?

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    Hello sir thanks for the article but my case is diffrent i wrote the O/L in 2012 and A/L in 2015 but haven’t collected the original certificates since then due to certain circumstances. how can I retrieve my certificates now?

    1. Ningmua Bruno

      Hello kindly approach the GCE Board’s main office in Buea for further assistance.

      Correction of errors will cost you some money

      Your preoccupations are our greatest concern

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    Taylor GAPINSI

    Hello sir
    I wrote GCE O/L 2018 and I haven’t collected my original certificate . please I wish to know how I may get it .

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    Deven Laika

    Hello Sir,
    I wrote the Probatoire Technique and Baccalaureate examinations in 1999 and 2001 respectively but have not yet collected the original certificates. How can I collect them as I am presently in South Africa?

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