CoronaVirus COVID-19: The Cameroon GCE 2020 will not be postponed

Following the Presidential decree suspending school activities for both public and private as concerns the Coronavirus CONVID-19 pandemic, the future of GCE candidates are being questioned.


Candidates who are to sit for the June 2020 GCE Exams are worried and tension is rising on social media thereby causing so many abnormalities.

The GCE Board reassures the general public that the Cameroon GCE 2020 Examination will not be postponed as rumors circulating the social media paints the picture.

While the situation is being regularized, candidates are strongly advised to keep on following their reading timetables baring in mind that this suspension is only temporal and not permanent.

GCE 2020 Examination TimeTable

  • The General Subjects of Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Starts on Tuesday, June 2 and ends on Saturday, June 20
  • Technical and Vocational education will begin on Tuesday, June 2 and ends on Tuesday, June 23.

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Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19): Government response strategy

In December 2019, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) outbreak was declared in the Wuhan Province of the People’s Republic of China.

Over time, it gradually spread to Asia, Europe, and Africa, resulting in the death or quarantine of several people.

A few days ago, the World Health Organization announced that the coronavirus pandemic has gone from an epidemic to a pandemic, with over 170,000 cases in 146 countries, and about 6,500 deaths.

Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in Cameroon

Cameroon, like many States in the world, is not spared by this coronavirus pandemic. From the very first hours of its emergence, the Government implemented a prevention and response plan aimed at stemming the spread of this epidemic.

To date, 10 people have been diagnosed with this virus in our country and are being treated by specialized services.

It should be noted, however, that so far no local outbreaks of this epidemic have been recorded in Cameroon and the cases identified so far are persons who have recently been abroad or persons who have come in contact with them.  

Preventive Measures

However, in the face of what now appears to be a global health crisis, the measures taken so far deserve to be strengthened to prevent the spread of this virus in our country.

Consequently, on the instructions of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA, an inter-ministerial consultation was held this Tuesday, 17 March 2020, to assess the situation and identify appropriate actions to be implemented.

At the end of this meeting, the President of the Republic instructed the following measures

The Presidential Decree

As from Wednesday 18 March 2020, till further notice:

  1. Cameroon’s land, air, and sea borders will be closed: consequently, all passenger flights from abroad will be suspended, with the exception of cargo flights and vessels transporting consumer products and essential goods and materials, whose stopover times will be limited and supervised: Cameroonians who wish to come back home should contact our diplomatic representations.
  2. The issuance of entry visas to Cameroon at the various airports shall be suspended
  3. All public and private training establishments of the various levels of education, from nursery school to higher education, including vocational training centers and professional schools, will be closed;
  4. Gatherings of more than fifty (50) persons are prohibited throughout the national territory;
  5. School and university competitions, like the FENASSCO and University games, are postponed;
  6. Under the supervision of administrative authorities, bars, restaurants and entertainment spots will be systematically closed from 6 p.m.;
  7. A system for regulating consumer flows will be set up in markets and shopping centers;
  8. Urban and inter-urban travel should only be undertaken in cases of extreme necessity;
  9. Drivers of buses, taxis, and motorbikes are urged to avoid overloading: law enforcement officers will ensure they comply;
  10. Private health facilities, hotels and other lodging facilities, vehicles and specific equipment necessary for the implementation of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic response plan in Cameroon may be requisitioned as required, by competent authorities;
  11. Public administrations shall give preference to electronic communications and digital tools for meetings likely to bring together more than ten (10) people;
  12. Missions abroad of members of Government and public and para-public sector employees are hereby suspended;
  13. The public is urged to strictly observe the hygiene measures recommended by the World Health Organization, including regular handwashing with soap, avoiding close contact such as shaking hands or hugging, and covering the mouth when sneezing.

These are difficult but necessary measures to ensure the protection of each and everyone and to limit the spread of this pandemic.

Call the toll-free Number

In case of need, the public is invited to call the toll-free number 1510 set up for the mobilization of rescue teams.

The Government calls on the public not to panic, but to show discipline, solidarity and a sense of responsibility at a time when the whole world is going through difficult times.

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The Registrar of the GCE Board affected after Monday, January 29, 2018, Presidential decree

The Registrar of the GCE Board was also affected after Monday, January 29, 2018, Presidential decree appointing officials of State universities and other citadels of learning in Cameroon in which the Board Chair of the GCE Board, Professor Peter Abety, was shown the door, education stakeholders were already extrapolating about bigger shocks at the Anglo-Saxon examination managing body.

Board Chair of the GCE Board

1) As Prof. Leke Abety was packing his baggage out of office, another seasoned Educationist Professor Ivo Leke Tambo was designated to step into Abety’s shoes as Board Chair of the GCE Board .

2) Prior to his appointment Prof. Leke Tambo was the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education. He also occupied the same post in the Ministry of Basic Education.

Registrar of the GCE Board

Humphrey Ekema Monono replaced as Registrar of the GCE Board

3) On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, ushering Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono out of office. The now erstwhile Registrar of the GCE Board has been marshaling the examination outfit for close to a decade.

4) Ekema Monono was replaced by another experienced Educationist, Dang Akuh Dominic. The new GCE Registrar before his January 31 appointment was the Inspector General in the Ministry of Secondary Education in charge of Bilingualism.

5) He takes over a GCE Board plagued by numerous challenges among them is the non-payment of GCE Examiners who marked the 2017 session of the examination. He will have to quell their rage be they carry out their threat to boycott the 2018 marking session of the exams.


6) It would be recalled that the January 29 Presidential decree appointed Dr. Alexandre Tene Ndeffo as the Director of the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI) at the University of Buea. He replaces Dr. Joseph Suh Che, who goes on retirement.


6) Prof. Martha Tumnde, former Dean of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences (FSMS) in the University of Buea, was promoted to Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Research, Cooperation and Relations with the Business World. She was replaced by Professor Emmanuel Yenshu who was formerly Vice Dean in the same Faculty.


7) Veronique Kabeyene Beyala was appointed Director of the Higher Teachers Training College (ENS) Bertoua, while Ibrahima Farikou was appointed Dean of the newly created Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Ngaoundere.

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